Feb. 14, 2015 APD 10th Annual
Fishing Tournament & Polar Plunge

Our Grand Total raised this year was $33,626!!!

We had 319 registered fisherfolk
(Our largest turn out yet.)


Prize Winners


The $1000 winner for the 10th largest fish was Marlan Fickle from Nevis, MN.

The biggest fish for the 1st place prize (a 10 inch Eskimo Auger) was a 3lb. 6.5 oz. Northern caught by Austin Serber from Walker.

The $1000 Button Prize Winner was Levon Voshell from Akeley.

The Paint the Town Purple Winners were:
1st Place - Willy & Shelly Krotzer
2nd Place - Chris Powers & Chelsea Buck
3rd Place - Cindy Lecy & Julia Schwartz

The Ice Castle Fish House Winner was Marion Schloegl from Waite Park, MN.

The Rhythm Clock Raffle Winner was Dottie Lanning of Akeley.

The Mystery Box Raffle Winner was Peggy Geimer of Akeley.

2015 Button Prize Winners

$1000 Grand Prize                              Levon Voshell           
3 Day Pass Moondance                       Rick Semmler
$25 Cash                                              Ron Semmler
Grab Bag #1                                       Jim Keborn
Gift Bag-Vest-Mittens                       Peg Davies
Soup-Napkin hOlder-Hair Cert         Jessie Tibbets      
Lamp & Gift Card                                Lacey Hitchcock
Northern Lights PKG.                         John Hickson
Cribbage Board & Gift Cert.               Stan Pidde
Gift Basket-Mittens-Gift Card           Pat Kraker
Curio Shelf & Gift Cert.                      Deb Heinecke
Dip Chiller & Gift Cert.                       Shane Werner
Mittens-Coasters-Gift Card                Bob Winner
Gift Basket & Gift Cert.                       Jamie Megan
$100 Cash                                               Chuck Kramer
Gift Basket & Gift Cert.                   Laurie Patterson
Gift Bag Gift Cards & Blanket          Lorrie Robbins
Plates & oil Change                            Levon Voshell
$50 Cash                                               Bobbie Nelson
$25 Gift Cert.                                       Chris Powers
Plant & Gift Cert.                                Terri Corn
Grab Bag # 4                                   Jerome Valentine
$25 Gift Cert. & Haircut                   Reed Watson
$25 Gift Cert                                      Peg Davies
$20 Gift Card                                      Jeremy Moen
APD Blanket & Hoodie                        Sam Dunham
Canvas Nature Art                              Mark Hood
$100 Cash                                              John Hitchcock
Fleece Blanket & Hoodie                     Leah Larson
Oil Change & Car Pkg.                          Deana Krotzer
Haircut Cert. & $10 Gift Cert.              Duane & Cina
Plant & Oil Change                               Nicloe Lueth
$25 Cash                                                 Jeff Hartwig
$100 Cash                                               Sheri Sumstad
Grab Bag #2                                          Dusty
$25 Cash                                                Marylyn Ferrie
Grab Bag #3                                         Sammy Dodds
$50 Cash                                                Laura Powers
$25 Cash                                                 Peggy Geimer
Full Set of Eyelashes                           Mason
Kids Pkg.                                               Jana Dunham
Gift Cert. & Products                           Happy Harry
$50 Cash                                         Keanen Vabandith
$20 Gift Cert.                                       Julian Prenory
$25 Gift Card                                        Chuck Andress
Cordless Heated Jacket                       Dusty
$50 Cash                                                 Duane & Cina
Gift Basket & Cash                                 Aaron Jantz
$50 Cash                                                 Sheri Sumstad
Kids Pkg.                                               Lorrie Robbins
$25 Gift Card                                         Janice
$50 Cash                                                 John Knouse
$25 Gift Cert.                                        Brian H
$50 Cash                                                 Duane & Cina
$25 Gift Card                                         Roger Niemela
Spiced Rum Sign & Gift Cert                 Ron V
Woodtick Tickets                                  KEITH tORMA
Curio Shelf & Gift Card                          Bob Winner
$25 Gift Cert.                                        Keith Torma
Mittens & Gift Certs.                           Samantha Hahn
$100 Cash                                            T Wiemann
Patio Umbrella                                       Darcy Karst
Bracelet & Gift Cert.                     Zac Lovedahl                          
$25 Gift Cert.                                         Laura Powers
Gift Certs.                                        Michelle Hoeshen
$25 Gift Card                                       Karly George
Eagle Print & Gift Card                        Peg Davies
Wine & Fudge                                         Duane & Cina
$50 Gift Cert.                                         Meyers Meats
Hair Care Products                               Chris Powers
Gift Certs.                                              Peggy Geimer
$25 Gift Card                                           Jeff K
Sandals & Necklace                              Marilyn Ferrie
$25 Gift Cert                                          Deb Heinecke
Casino  Pkg.                                           Scott Swanson
$25 Gift Card                                        Carol Keene
Magazine Tote                                        Levon Voshell
Necklace                                                John Mitchell
$25 Gift Card                                          Andy Patton
Vip Pass                                                   Jodi Lewis
Golf Supplies & Gift Cert.                      Zac Lovedahl
Necklace & Gift Card                      Michelle Heischen
Gift Bag & Yard Game                       Pam Harding
$50 Cash                                              Greg Poncelet
Wine in a tote                                    Amber Shaw
$25 Gift Card                                       John Mitchell
T-Wolves Jacket                                   Geimer
Bookcase-Blanket-Gift Cert              Lorrie Robbins
Sweatshirt & Gift Cert                       Greg Everett
Grill Supplies                                      Deyla Dunham
$25 Gift Card                                         Paul Bennor
$50 Cash                                                 Ken Wahl
$20 Gift Card                                         Linda Riggs
Hotel Stay                                              Ryan Allen
1 YR. Certificate                                     Wayne Tennis
$50 Cash                                                 Peggy Geimer
Hunting Pkg.                                         Happy Harry
$50 Cash                                                  Sue Knouse
$30 Gift Cert.                                          John Kramer
Carl Melichar Print                               Tron Pigatti
Full Set Of Eyelashes                              Keith Torma
$45 Gift Cert.                                          Laura Powers
$30 Gift Cert.                                        Sandy Rittgers
$20 Gift Card                                         Jason Nuygual
Walking Stick & Gift Cert.                     Tina Hickson
Two Day Pass-Moondance                   Megan Edelman
$30 Gift Cert.                                      Chuck Goehring
$100 Cash                                              T Wiemann
$50 Gift Card                                    Brittany Johnson
Birdfeeder                                        Shane Werner
2 Day Pass-moon dance                     Keith Torma
Amy Larson Print                              Maryann Hanson
$25 Gift Card                                      Samarc Dodds
$45 Gift Cert.                                      Holli Sautbine
1 Yr. Subscription                               Becky Hudrlik
Fryin’ Saucer                                       Crabby
$50 Gift Card                                        Dereck Lewis
Leather Jacket Cert                            C Schmidt
60 min. massage                                  Jan Kusheiner
3 day pass-moon dance                       Sandy Edelman

Audrey’s Purple Dream 2015 Fishing Prize List

  1. 10 inch Eskimo Auger-#272 Austin Serber 3lb 6 1/2oz Northern
  2. Leech Lake Filet Knife-#273 Nathaniel Goehring 2lb 10oz Northern
  3. Vexilar Sonar Phone T-Box-#91 Tom Kowalke 2lb 5 1/2oz Northern
  4. Markum Lxi-#177 Dave Schommer 1lb 11 1/2oz Northern
  5. Frabill Panfish/Crappie Case-#80 Mitchell Kowalke 1lb 61/2oz Walleye
  6. Trail Camera-#50 Mike Muller 1lb 3oz Walleye
  7. Buddy Heater-#78 Madysen Maninga 1 lb 1oz Walleye
  8. Binoculars-#139 Christine Schmidt 13oz Walleye
  9. Hat, Glove & Socks-#138 Jason Zimmer 11oz Walleye
  10. $1,000 Cash-#72 Marlan Fickle 10oz Perch
  11. Electric Smoker-#75 Robyn Potter
  12. Otter Case-Ross Borman
  13. Vexilar Sonar Phone T-Pod-Lance Mitchell
  14. Ice Rod Combo Case-Kyle Little
  15. Electric Smokehouse-Josh Moore
  16. Frabill Panfish/Crappie Case-Brean Nagel
  17. Hat, Glove & Socks –Steven Hopkins
  18. Leech Lake Filet Knife-Wally Bostrom
  19. Little Buddy Heater-Cole Colburn
  20. FL18 Vexilar-Howard Kasheimer
  21. Food Saver-Samara Dodds
  22. Ice Rod Combo Case-Jeremy Moen
  23. Rapala Electric Filet Knife-Dave Grandstaff
  24. Camping Table w/Bucket-Nathan George
  25. Fish Fry Kit-Jane Masyga
  26. 8 in Eskimo Auger-Jim Kasheimer
  27. Can Cooker-Judy Jacques
  28. Ice Rod Combo Case-Sharon Krotzer
  29. Rapala Electric Knife-Jessica Birkeland
  30. Fish TV-Kayla Dumpprope
  31. Little Buddy Heater-Tiffany Simonette
  32. Ice Rod Combo Case-Jamie Super
  33. $50 Swanson’s Gift Certificate-Derek Lewis
  34. Otter Case-Joe Moore
  35. Shriver’s Hat, T-Shirt & Fishing Pole-Phil Jacques
  36. Vexilar Sonar Phone T-Pod-Joey Stang
  37. Jiggler Long Rods-Michael Dascalos
  38. Trail Camera-Bev Mitchell
  39. Ice Rod Combo Case-Lauren Gitchel
  40. Eskimo Fatfish-Olan Lovline
  41. Hat, Gloves & Socks-Shane Werner
  42. Plano Case & Tip Ups-Heather Moore
  43. Fishing Pole & Tackle Box-Caleb Nagel
  44. Fishing Pole & Tackle Box-Jamie Jendro





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